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List of towns and their market days Portugal

Portugal List of Market Days 

I have compiled a list of the days when most of the towns and villages in Portugal have a market day.

Daily & Monthly Markets Portugal

Just as in most towns and villages throughout the world some of the Portuguese towns have a daily market where others only have them on certain days or even only once a month.
Generally most of the vendors in these local markets here in Portugal are people from the surrounding towns and villages. Most of whom will have a small holding or even just a large garden and they will come to the town markets to sell their goods to make an extra few euro to make ends meet. If  the market is a monthly one then some of the vendors will travel from far and wide to sell their goods at your local market.

Meeting your local market  stall owners

Again just like in the UK you will likely come across the same vendors at the weekly markets over and over again. This is a good thing as you can build up a relationship with the seller and possibly start getting a bargain as you become more and more of a regular to the local markets here in Portugal. Market places are a great place to learn your Portuguese as a lot of the vendors especially in the rural towns and vilages dont speak a great deal of English. Dont let this put you off as they are all very willing to help even if you dont speak any Portuguese yet. See below for full list of towns and the days they have their local markets


The best fresh fruit and vergetables in Portugal.

At these local town & village markets you will see the best in fresh fruit and veg, in the rural towns and vilages a lot of the market seller are just homestead or small holding owners who add to their income by selling the friut and veg that they have grown themselves on thier land. Buying from these will give you peace of mind that the produce is as fresh as it comes because it has quite possibly just been harvested from the garden this morning.

Meats and Poultry in your local markets.

fresh cuts of meat and poultry even live animals to either keep for the egg laying potential or to slaghter yourself when you get home will also be available in most of the village and town markets.
I have split the lists of towns and their market days into two groups. one group is for towns and villages in the Algarve in southern Portugal and the other list covers most of the towns in central Portugal.
The list is quite extensive but I may have missed out some town and when they have their market day. If your town or village is not on the list then please contact me through my website and I will gladly add your town to the list.


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